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No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti at the CU Denver Experience Gallery

Wednesday, May 8th - 30, 2024 Free

Curated by current CU Denver undergraduate students Adira Castillo and Josephine Clark, CU Denver’s Experience Gallery is proud to present their latest fine art exhibition, No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti. The show will run May 8th-June 30th.

The Chicano philosophy of life is centered around the essence of community, culture, and the deeper connections created through shared experience, allowing for unique perspectives on the value of platonic and community love. No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti highlights the importance of friendship from a Chicano perspective. In the U.S we have been taught to prioritize romantic, idealistic love. However, love comes in many forms beyond the romantic that provides support, care, and healing opportunities in ways romantic love cannot. No Puedo Imaginar Mi Vida Sin Ti will draw attention to the crucial work of Chicano artists while helping to educate the public on platonic love, and the ways in which values of strength, tenderness, cultural preservation, and spiritual growth are nurtured through friendship. Visitors to the exhibition will become inspired to connect to community, challenging traditional notions of love, and therefore planting seeds to build resistance to a hyper individualistic, anti-human society.

Diverse in medium and background, this exhibitions Xicanx artists include Oswaldo Cepeda, Cal Duran, Armando Geneyro, Pico del Hierro-Villa, Arlette Lucero, and Cherish Marquez.

An opening reception will take place at CU Denver Experience Gallery (1025 13th St, Denver, CO, 80202) on Wednesday, May 8th from 4-7 PM. Free refreshments will be provided, artists and curators will give their remarks, and an exhibition-specific playlist will accompany this unique body of work.

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