Event Posting Best Practices

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Event Title, Description & Image Best Practices

The work we do at CU Denver is vital. Our welcoming and entrepreneurial approach – and the impact of our teaching, research, and innovation – are purposeful and far-reaching. Our brand provides a platform for expressing our identity, through a unified voice, distinct narrative, and consistent visual vocabulary.

The university recognizes the importance of grammatical consistency and accuracy throughout its written communications, both digital and print. Our editorial style is based upon the Associated Press Stylebook, with some exceptions and refinements.Our Editorial Style Guide defines those exceptions and highlights some of the most common style questions that arise. Guidance specific to the University Calendar is below.

Event Title

  • The event title should be less than 50 characters long, including spaces. Event titles that go beyond 50 characters may be truncated with an ellipsis in some calendar views.
  • Please proofread titles for proper grammar and spelling.

Event Description

An event title alone generally won’t get people to attend. Event descriptions should be as detailed as possible to properly convey what the event or activity is, who is organizing it, and why someone should attend. Provide as many details as necessary to generate interest.

Please proofread descriptions for proper grammar, spelling and style.

Event Images

To maintain quality standards, only high-quality images are posted to the university calendar. If you don’t have a unique image to include with your event posting, you may select one from the Photo Library. A fallback or default image for a department, group or place/location may be used in place of an event image if the event image that is provided doesn’t meet image requirements.

The following kinds of images are not permitted on the calendar:

  • Low-quality images or low-resolution images that are provided at a size not large enough for the calendar.
  • Images provided at the incorrect aspect ratio, e.g., a vertical image is provided for horizontal display.
  • Images containing text.
  • Any type of logo.
  • Screenshots or images of posters or document attachments.
  • Images that are clearly copyrighted or subject to copyright.

Documents & Attachments

The university calendar does not provide space for uploading documents to the calendar.